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Luminous Textiles

Responsive textiles for surface covering and interior design objects

Materials: electroluminescent (EL) film and thread, leather, fur, wool felt.


* R+FAD grant, awarded by La Incubadora del FAD and CETEMMSA Technology Centre.

Die cut leather and EL film

Die cut leather and EL film

EL thread

Concept & description

The aim of this project was to create structures for surface covering and interior design objects that would implicitly engage the user in an affective dialog. In order to achieve this, we sought for sensory stimulation through formal elements such as color and texture, conveyed by traditional textile materials like leather and wool, and combined them with the dynamic properties of light, brought in by EL films and threads.
The resulting structures react to the presence of the user by modifying the intensity of the emitted light, while depriving EL materials from their intrinsic coldness and providing for an organic aesthetic, which presents them as suitable alternatives for interior design applications.

Print / flocking
EL film and polyester flock

Leather and EL ribbons

Die cut fur and EL film

Die cut leather and EL film

3D interlace
Fur and electroluminescent film

Fur and electroluminescent ribbons

Wool felt ribbons and electroluminescent film

Print / flocking
Electroluminescent film and polyester flock

Die cut leather, wool felt and EL film



1. Evanescent hair… rounded, dotted skin… translucent warmth…



2. Modular geometry…  repetitive order… slashed construction…  intertwined symmetry…



Fur and leather
Pieces and ribbons
Felts and threads
Electroluminiscent materials
Films and threads



Funded by
CETEMMSA Technology Centre 
La Incubadora del FAD (R+FAD grant)
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