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Raw Dust

Mouldable structures for interior design objects

Materials: copper and leather.


* Spai-lab exhibition (platform for the promotion of young designers).

Concept & description

The aim of this project was to develop a set of materials for interior design objects that would present heterogeneous mechanical and aesthetic properties and, at the same time, conform a harmonious group.
We created four flexible and mouldable structures by combining the malleability of copper and the elasticity and resilience of leather. Copper was treated chemically to obtain colour effects on its surface and was embossed to create relief textures. Leather was manipulated into ribbons in order to bring flexibility and a warm aspect into the resulting assemblies.
These structures were used to construct four demonstrator objects for interior design applications: three container modules and one mouldable lampshade. The container modules are suitable for space organization, have a conic shape and can be attached to each other through metallic snaps, whereas the ceiling lampshade can be moulded into different shapes to obtain variations in the environmental light.


Container modules

Mouldable lampshade


Die cut layering
Chemically treated and embossed copper plate, leather, and metallic foil
Plain weave
Chemically treated copper ribbon, leather ribbon and copper wire
Die cut leather and chemically treated copper ribbon
Plain weave
Custom-made leather ribbon, chemically treated copper ribbon and copper wire


Trapped stems… raw cortex… sterile reptile skin… medieval flesh…
Emerging dust… frayed bodies… revealed soil…
Idea and production | Ana Piñeyro
Collaboration | ESDi – Escola Superior de Disseny (URL) – Barcelona.
Photography | Gonzalo Armas
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