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White is not

Research on new uses for plastic materials in the textile process

Materials: wool, polyamide, polyester, polyurethane, polypropylene, polyethylene.


* Second prize at the Miquel Mas Molas Award to Textile Technical Research, granted by Miquel Mas Molas Foundation and the Institute for Catalan Studies, Barcelona.

Concept & description

Industrial plastics, rubbers and foams have been identified and studied within this project, with the aim of combining them with traditional textile materials at the different stages of the textile process: spinning, fabric construction and finishing. Fancy yarns were designed and further developed through hollow spinning technology. These yarns, together with off-the-shelf ones, were applied in the construction of weaved and knitted textiles. Additionally, wool felts and polyurethane films, which incorporate diverse effect materials, were created.


1. Felt: Wool and effect material (PUR foam, PE net and PA tulle)
2. Weave: PA tulle ribbon and expanded PE/lurex yarn
3. Film: PUR and effect material (PA tulle, PES fabric and metallic elements)
4. Weave: PA tulle, non-woven PP ribbon and untwisted wool thread
5. Film: PUR and effect material (PE foam and lurex)
6. Felt: Wool and effect material (PUR foam and PES fabric)
7. Layering: Knitted PA with PUR finishing and PES wadding
8. Film: PUR and effect material (expanded PE, PE net and latex)
9. Weave: Non-woven PP ribbon (bouclé effect) and untwisted wool thread
10. Weave: PUR foam/PA tulle yarns and wool thread
11. Weave: Expanded PE ribbon, PA tulle ribbon and wool thread
12. Felt: Wool and effect material (PUR foam)
13. Weave: PE ribbon-lurex yarn and untwisted wool thread
14. Felt: Wool and effect material (PUR foam, PES tulle and PES fabric)
15. Weave: PUR foam-lurex yarn and PES
16. Laminate: PU film with effect and natural rubber

Materials’ review

Identification of plastics, rubbers and foams. Analysis of their physical, mechanical and optical properties.

Thread design

Development of fancy yarns through hollow spinning technology.

Effect-material design

Design of effect material to be included into felts and films.


Wrapped, covered, isolated… looped, curled, plump… stained, spotted, marl…
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